#BenevoLENT Challenge

It is my belief that I was created in, and for, love by the originator of all that is Just, Merciful, Good, and Lovely. Therefore, it is my duty, as a person who has been baptized and confirmed into the ever-growing Body of Christ, to continue our Lord’s mission of reintroducing acts of love to the People of God. I am someone who often dwells on how I can be more vulnerable to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I believe the answer is in how I interact with other people. Therefore, I choose to act in accordance with God’s love.  I want my expressions of love to be living testimony of Christian hope.

In this blessed liturgical season of Lent, I present to the Lord my internal sufferings, my flirtation with laziness, and the self-imposed ridicule I direct towards my own charisms. I sacrifice my temptation to linger on hatred and pain. Through FAITH, I will hold in confidence that the Lord hears my prayers. I will pray for persistence in the never-ending quest to embrace all that is virtuous. In acknowledgment of God’s grace, I will do all I can to be a source of God’s love for others.

Smile in someone’s direction. Compliment a person who has willingly stepped into the public light. Offer prayer. Pay it forward. This is the purpose of the Benevo[LENT] Challenge – to be a witness of Christ’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection during any interaction (be it online or face-to-face) with other human persons. The Challenge is to be ready at all times to express love.

I will be using the hashtag #BenevoLENT2020 to track my journey with this Lenten Challenge. I encourage anyone else who might feel called to spread this witness alongside me to share the hashtag on any/all social media pages.

Also find on this website my tabs for theological reflection, poetry, and blog posts. For months, I have been meaning to set a goal for myself. I have been wanting to spend time with the Lectionary; to get into the discipline of reading and reflecting deeply with Scripture on a daily basis. What better time to start this endeavor than on Ash Wednesday? I pray that my thoughts may be of comfort or intrigue to those who are interested in reading my updates. Hopefully, I will find comfort in them as well.

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